Tommy Foss is an upcoming artist and photographer based in North London. He likes to explore subculture and emotion in his photography using a variety of film and digital techniques. Growing up in the City, his passion for analogue photography stemmed from the need to capture the ever-changing environment of London’s streets.


Recently, Tommy had delved into using different mediums to pursue his creative career. These being line work, watercolour, stencils, collage and Tommy’s favourite, embroidery.

His pieces are brought together by a multimedia approach, as he hopes to show all things small and big within the cultures of the cities he travels to.


Tommy also enjoys experimenting with a range of tools in his work, from analogue; such as the Canon AE-1 and Olympus XA2 to digital cameras such as Canon 6D and Canon G7X. His latest works have focused on portraiture and nature as he examines the world around him, capturing the story of the people he meets and the environment they live in. 

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