A Clean Slate

I am writing this not only to inform everyone about the changes i will be making, but to help me gain clarity for myself.

I am constantly battling in my head with what i want to pursue as i have so many hobbies and interests. However, i have narrowed it to what i want to pour my focus into. Here it is:


I love taking a camera with me and just snapping what i can. I also love planning a project which may take a lot of energy of mine. This hobby has always been in my life and i still want to pursue it. I will mainly be shooting on film however still want to learn the ways of the DSLR. With photography, i can do so many other things that intertwine with my other hobbies like printing, mixed media and so much more.

With this, i want to be able to still create videos showing off my adventures and photos. They seem to be very popular on my YouTube channel, but the main thing is that i love to produce them. I hope to create many more, also experimenting with the way that i film them.

Drawing and Watercolour:

The one problem i have with this hobby is that i hate learning to draw, i prefer to get stuck in. However, i now know that i need to be patient and make mistakes along the way. I tend to do this hobby every so often. However, when i produce a piece of art that i love, i am so proud of myself. I am wanting to continue this journey, whilst learning many methods and techniques outside of creating small houses, like flowers, botanical and landscapes. Again, i'd love to make videos on this, when i can.


This hobby has been amazing. I unfortunately stopped after learning the skill for around 3 weeks. It's been too long but i am going to make sure to learn everything i can with this beautiful hobby. I want this to be something that's kept behind closed doors, however film from time to time.

I need to remember that filming my creative pursuits isn't a chore, but another art form which will stick around forever. I will look back on myself 10 years thinking how far i've come. I will also love to run a successful YouTube channel. Because in the future i just have the dream to work from home and anywhere in the world. Luckily for me, my hobbies and interests are all things that i can do anywhere and at anytime, something for me to remember.

Every day, i want to build towards at least one of these. Keep a journal with what i have completed and what i am working towards. It now needs to be a habit. Every morning and evening. I wont be able to pursue my dreams if i don't put in the work.

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