A ghostly, detached feeling on 35mm

Over the year, I've have been on and off with my photography. Film photography has been rather difficult as you can't see the results straight away. The roll of film that i am about to show you, was an experiment of long and double exposures of myself. Self portraits have been fun as i can direct myself and know what feeling i want to show. I also used Polaroids. The type of theme i was going for was a mixture of surrealism, detachment and raw emotion. I want to keep on going with self portraits and improve more and more.

What i used: -Canon AE-1, Ilford HP5 400

-Polaroid Close Up 636, 600 black and white film


I recently purchased a Polaroid Close Up 636 for £10 and i didn't know if it would be working or not. As i put some black and white film in, it worked like a treat. I wanted to capture some raw emotion. I didn't put to much thought into these as i was just testing out to see if it works but i loved how these turned out. I can't wait to really put some hard thinking next time i shoot with this camera.

Double Exposures:

This is my first time fooling around with some double exposures. I wanted the feeling of being detached which i found really difficult to show. I was looking at examples of double exposures and thought this is the best way to capture that emotion. Using double exposures gave the results of the images a really disconnected feel to them. The first image has a muddy feel which was my mistake of exposing it incorrectly. But i like that it looks flat and dark. I love the shakiness of the mirror yet i'm so still, which really captures that feeling of being detached, i hope that makes sense.

Ghostly effect:

Messing around with long exposure times and double exposures gave a very surreal look. It was difficult knowing what it would create as shooting on film is really capturing that moment and not going back.

My last image is my favourite out of the roll of 36. It was a double exposure of my mum and leaves of a plant in the back garden. I did edit afterwards however the results look a lot better than the original. To me, it looks like the subject is part of the nature, almost growing with the leaves. Very in depth analysis there!

More to come!

Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts below, or message me on instagram @tommyfossofficial.


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