Creating a Birthday Package for Long Distant Girlfriend

I am going to be talking about a recent package i made for my girlfriend for her birthday. Unfortunately, it didn't arrive on the exact day, but what can you expect in these uncertain times! I'm just so glad it came through and how it came out!

First off, i really wanted to package this well. I found a box that has a little handle and buckles, which in the shops cost just under £5! It came with 2 smaller boxes that could also fit inside. I decided to use the biggest and filled it up with wonderful treats!

I wanted to make something handmade as shops were closed and couldn't really shop around. I started learning embroidery just before lockdown started in the UK. I thought it would be a great idea to create something flower related, vibrant and simple. I ended up making a lovely sunflower and daisy embroidered t shirt. It took me a few attempts as i only have been embroidering on thick linen. If you want to know how i made it, please keep an eye out on my

blog as i will be posting a tutorial on how to do simple flowers!

Something that Gabby missed when she was in England was the food. She fell in love with many sweets, foods and a lot of other things. So i decided to also include a food care package section within the box. This included Pick-Ups, Caramel slices and some Reece's chocolate. When she did receive the package, the Reeces did melt which was unfortunate, but it did go through a long journey! I really recommend adding sweets or food when sending packages. I feel like it's an amazing feeling when you open up a package, and you can eat something that your SO gave to you, and then explore through what they have sent you all the way from their country, like you're really there.

I added watercolours, socks and other bits to it. Unfortunately, i could only afford a certain amount as the postage was really expensive when the weight gets heavier. However, because of this, you need to think creatively and see any alternatives you can do to make an amazing birthday package. Just check before you do. Sending parcels can get really pricey!

Lastly, on her birthday i was able to go onto uber eats and order her some food and a yummy birthday desert. Not many places would make birthday cakes but there was a lovely donut shop in Sydney that was able to wrap up the box and add a message to it. I highly recommend doing this if you want to treat your partner, treat them to dinner, or even if you feel like they wont receive it on the day.

It was such an amazing feeling seeing her open her package, she was so happy when she received it! I've made a list below of some great ideas to add to a birthday package, or even just a package to send to your SO.

  • Order Uber eats/send voucher

  • Food: chocolate, crisps, biscuits, sweets (food from your country)

  • Socks, hair bands, gloves/hats

  • Jewellery,necklace, chain, hats earrings,

  • pens,art materials, watercolours, stickers,

  • books,notebooks, study supplies

  • photo collections (bunch of Polaroids or prints)

  • Handmade art, Embroidered clothing,

  • Poems

(I will be making videos and blog posts on how to present or make some of the above i have listed, watch this space!)

If you're worried that you have not put much gifts in or you cant think of anything, just remeber that the simpler it is the better. Don't try to cram everything in all at once. If you cant think of anything, make something! You don't need to be artistic or super creative to make something. It's the thought that counts. If anyone needs any help, ideas or just about anything, please don't hesitate to send a message to me! Long Distance can be difficult, and i feel that we should all support each other.

Love Tommy xx


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