Creative Ideas: Cinematic/movie shoot

I was going through some websites as i wanted to buy a new film to explore and came across CineStill 800t. This color negative film is prepared from the same motion picture film stock used by top cinematographers around the world. That got my creativity going as i wanted to keep the theme of motion picture film. I decided to create a photo shoot that had a cinematic feel to it.

I used my friend Joe , who is a Writer and Director and used him as a model. I wanted to create a character who was run down, fed up but also some sort of mysterious person which i wanted as the narrative for these pictures. I also took normal portraits and some street photography but it was nice to be able to look through the lens and consider what it would look like as if it was a film.

I was thinking about where best to shoot as i wanted to test out the tungsten lighting as CineStill is best with that light. Charring Cross Station was the perfect idea as it looked gritty, yellow and had tonnes of tungsten lighting. It also has the cinematic feel as the environment looked really run down yet people still use it like my character.

Soho was a great location to shoot as well. It had so much lighting to spark my creativity which made some of the pictures look really good. I loved the red colours from China Town as well as the blue-ish tint from outside of Charring Cross Station.

I also wanted to use my 28mm lens. I felt that it made the narrative more exciting as there was an environment for the audience to look at. It also showed the scale of how big the world is and how little the character.

To conclude, I love this film. My goal was to create a few images that looked like it was coming out of a movie which i felt i captured well. I felt that i could of pushed this film to compensate the darkness but i quite like that in this. All the grain and sharpness creates more of an atmosphere and adds more to the narrative. Some images were blurry which frustrated me however i believe it was the slow shutter speed i set it too. I'm still learning on my journey on Film Photography and i'd love for you to be with me along the way :)

Here are the rest of the images:

If you're reading this and shot on CineStill before, show me some of your images! I would love to see them :)




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