Double exposures on 35mm film

What i love about film photography is that you never know what you took until you get it back from the lab a week later. With double exposures, i get so much more excited because its really a luck of the draw with what you will get.

I mainly do nature double exposures. I love looking at trees above me when i walk through the forest, it feels like its protecting me. I thought it would be great to capture this with double exposures and i knew that there would a surreal effect to it. I found that using experimental films made them look so more surreal which is what i was after. I found that the Dubble or the Revlog 35mm films done a really good job capturing what i wanted.

I also use double exposures often to capture my story with self portraits. I feel that what i want to show in my image, double exposures really help with that. A recent project that i done was inspired by old seance photography. Here are some examples i done. In the seance photography, there was a lot of detachment, physically. There was spirits flying out of bodies and faces shown in many places. I don't believe any of this was real, but i found it inspiring.

I decided to use detachment as a theme with my self portraits, which show it physically but also metaphorically. It's like 2 people, 2 feelings but the same person.

I am currently trying out double exposures with digital cameras. It's nice to see what i am getting straight away however, you just can't beat film!



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