I took a career break.

King's cross canal.

So, as you can tell from the title, i took the leap. I decided to leave a secure well-paid job (for my age) to take some time out to pursue my ambitions, get creative with my hobbies and to think about life. It was a scary leap to take but i am loving it.

Some days are amazing, some days are not but that's okay. I always put myself down when i don't have a good day because i feel as though i'm wasting it. But i've learnt that i have no constraints to where i need to be, only my ambitions. Everyday is a learning experience which i need to embrace.

I spend my days improving on my health, physically and mentally. Improving on my fitness, painting, sketching and taking photographs. Everyday brings something new.

Many people i know didn't think this was a good idea, and still don't. They say ''When are you going to get a job'' or '' Don't you think it's time to go back to work''. I am in a such grateful position to be in financially. I worked my butt off for years which allowed me to save some money every month. I was going to spend all of it on travelling however i felt that travelling wasn't going to fulfil what i needed, which is purpose. I wake up everyday with this question, what do i want to do with my life? It changes. Everyday.

This is why i made the choice. If i had the to work everyday from 9-5 with the stress and anxiety that comes along with it for years and years and only figure out what i want to do which takes me till i'm 40, I've wasted 20 years thinking. I'd rather make the choice now, being certain and only take a year of 9-5 thinking and experimenting what i want to do.


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