My First Time Using the Nishika n9000

I was invited out to an evening with my friends and i thought it would be a great time to test out my Nishika n9000. The pub i was going to was dark, atmospheric and really odd. So i thought that was fitting with the Nishika....a 4 lens odd alien looking thing!

Shots below!

Nishika N9000 | UltraMax 400

There was such a huge hype around the Nishika n8000 and it's died down a little at the moment. I wanted to try out its friend the n9000 because i wanted to compare my 3D pictures with what others had with the n8000.

Using this camera made me think more about what to have in the foreground and to focus on composition. I found it rather difficult to compose because of the view finder being so small. Even though this camera is a point and shoot, if you want to get really cool looking 3D effects, its best to think about what the outcome would look like in your head first. Just pointing at a person won't get much of a cool effect for me, but adding another persons arm/beer bottle or something to create depth made it more appealing to me.

The next time i shoot on this camera, i will have more confidence with it. I was only trying it out as this was my first time using it. I really want to play around with smoke, confetti, liquid and moving objects. My creative brain is bubbling right now!

Has anyone used this camera before? Do you also feel that the 'hype' has ruined the overall stigma behind this? One stupid thing is how the prices go for these things! If you're lucky, try to find one in the charity shop, don't pay full price for a piece of plastic, unless you're going to invest!

I love the fact that i positioned my friend on the left with the menu, it creates more of an impact with the 3D effect

My favourite! I will be doing more of this as you can get really creative with this camera!

The shadow creates more effect on the 3D aspect.


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