Photography Books to be Inspired by.

I have a really nice collection of books that really inspire me to go out and do photography and i still find out more books as my passion goes on. I have realised that because i now do both film and digital photography, i have lots of mediums to work with. I go around charity shops to find photography books because the older the book is, the more creative ideas i find. Film photography books have such hidden gems because they had no Photoshop or anyway to manipulate an image digitally. Here are some recommendations plus some examples of some photographs that inspired me from these books.

A Sourcebook of Creative Ideas:

This is my bible for creative inspiration for photography. There is page after page with so many ideas that you can do in the world of photography. This book helped me so much with thinking creatively and knowing that you can have any camera to create brilliant photographs. I would of never thought to pick up filters until i read what you could produce with the simplest and cheapest of filters. It helped me really add depth to most of my self portraits and help to tell my story with more meaning. It also gave me ideas like using tungsten lighting and creative a cinematic photo shoot.

The photographers play book:

If i am in need to desperate inspiration or a very difficult challenge, this is the book i pick up all the time. This book has hundreds of assignments and ideas which range from stories to be inspired by, or actual assignments that you can do. One of the most interesting assignment in the book is trying to shoot a whole roll of 35mm of a bench. It really helps improve your creativity and photography as you will be thinking about angles, lenses and just what would look interesting! This is something i have yet to do but it's high on my list.

I hope those books help you as much as they helped me!

Tommy x


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