Polaroids in Brighton w/ Gabby Frost

Over a weekend, me and my girlfriend took a weekend trip to Brighton. A week before, i ordered a Polaroid OneStep+ and came just a day before i was about to leave. The feeling of taking a new camera out is just something i cannot describe, i was buzzing.

I only took 3 packs of film with me as they are very pricey and what i could afford at the time. It was £15 for 8 shots but the fact its developed straight away and the instant photo you get, i can't argue with the price. 1 colour and 2 black and white. The reason i chose to bring 2 black and white was because i prefer doing double exposures than with colour. However, I was super pleased with how my colour double exposures developed. Great detail and beautifully exposured.

The reason why i bought the OneStep+ was because the creative ideas i could do with it, and the ease of the options on my phone really appealed to me. I have a Polaroid Close up 636 and i know there are hacks to do double exposures, but i could use one OneStep with simplicity.

I feel that with film photography that there are endless possibilities and so many creative ideas, but recently haven't been doing anything creative, and just ''playing it safe'' when taking photos. With this camera, i can feel a lot more comfortable as i have various options and really expand my creative ideas.

Gabby also borrowed my Olympus Point and Shoot GO. Probably the best point and shoot camera i have ever had. The pictures that came out were beautiful. She chose to use FujiFilm which was a perfect choice on our trip to Brighton. Below are a combination of me and Gabby's photos


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