Shoreditch: Shooting 35mm | Ilford HP5

As i started getting into film photography, i wanted to try out black and white. I didn't realise how expensive it was to develop until i went to the lab but trying it out for the first time was unforgettable. Ilford HP5 was the brand i was told to get, and still to this day is my favourite black and white film.

All i had was a Olympus Point and shoot GO. And again, still one of my favourite cameras. I feel that when you use point and shoots, creativity builds more as you dont need to worry to much about focus, settings and shutter speed. It's just all about what i want to capture, and tell a story.

I got my film from a local Boots when i used to work at Carnaby Street and decided to go out on the following weeked to Shoreditch, East London. Shoreditch is very known for the street art culture which i am heavily into. It's also known for great food and vintage shops. I wanted to capture more of the street art, graffiti and the vandalism of the area. It almost seems like its normal because of how much paint is covered on the street.

Something i loved was how intimating graffiti can be. I found an ATM with graffiti covered all over it, which made me compelled to take a photo. I see graffiti as a way of someone making a mark. I do love street art more, but graffiti is rather interesting.

Eventhough the shots aren't draw dropping, i dont care. This is when i started to really enjoy taking pictures. It made me addicted. I wanted more film, take more photos and explore more areas. That's the beauty of photography, it gets you out and explore. And i love it.



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