Soho, London.

When i see photographers pictures and there way of capturing things, i see beautiful sunshine, beaches and great nature. However, it's completely different here in London. I've lived in London my whole life and i envy people who are in walking distance to the beach with golden sand and intense sunshine. All we get here is high rise buildings and rain. I had an idea to capture what i see of London. I see cool characters, a mix of cultures and beautiful architecture. However, because i have studied and worked in London for a long time, i don't get taken away like the tourists do when they see the city. I get bored and have seen absolutely everything. However, knowing London on the back of my hand, i know places that tourists don't, and i want to make a little project capturing the streets and people of London.

I got out of bed, done my workout and went on the tube to Tottenham Court Road. A 10 minute walk to Soho, and my shutter was clicking. I knew that i wanted to take a portrait of a stranger. I was petrified. I have never done this before and it was completely out of my comfort zone. I saw a lady sitting on a set of stairs who was smoking and i thought this would be a great picture as this is what majority of workers do in the morning before they start there shift. I went up to her and said '' Hi, i was wondering if it's possible if i could take a portrait of you?''. She looked at me with a confused face replying '' errm, no, no sorry''. I told her that i am thankful for her time and that i was sorry to bother her. When i left, i thought that i felt disappointed, but rather clarity. This is because i knew that if i asked someone anything and they said no, that's it. I always hated the feeling of being rejected but knowing that i'll probably never meet that person again, there is another 1 million people to ask. I was now motivated to get at least one more picture of someone.

I was walking down Berwick street and saw a lady with the cutest dog ever. I thought this would be such a great photo. Not because i wanted to take a picture of a stranger, but she is someone to me that captures London. She was sat in a cafe outside with a coffee and just gazing and people watching. I was hesitant to talk to her, but she was very excited that i asked if i could take a photo. I think that's one of the best pictures i have taken to date. That image fills me with confidence as it is the first of many people i will capture of London.

Tommy x


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