Starting my Photography journey.

I want to show you my journey through photography. Showing you what I've learned, what i am doing and what projects i am working on. I've had such a fear of being 'another photographer' but i need to know that i need to stop comparing myself to others. I am different. Everyone is different.

For 2 years, i have been on and off with Film Photography even though i absolutely love it. The cost has always effected me, so i decided to do both digital and film and treating 35mm as a luxury until i can afford it full time.

One thing i love about photography is getting creative, being weird and just expressing emotions and feelings. I feel that my next step is to start collaborating and working with people to help achieve an outcome i am happy with. I also want to be able to show my process as i do this.

Here i my projects i am currently planning to do:

My journey to becoming a photographer: Showing you a weeks worth of learning. What i have been learning/focusing on and projects i am looking to do. Also sharing what resources i am going to use.

Short Snippets: I want to make my videos short and snappy. To add value and enjoyment for you. This will give my projects i have been working on in one video. So i may be shooting a model, going out on the streets or finding locations.

Who has inspired me: I want to create videos of photographers, artists, books and music that have inspired me to either do photography/art or use there ideas and concepts as a support to help me become a better photographer

In October, i made a bold decision to leave work. Leave to pursue my passions and to take a step back in life. Only now, have i really wanted to push photography. And i am going full speed.

So, you're probably wondering why am i telling you this. In a years time, i want to be a full-time paid photographer. Marking my stamp and journey will hopefully get other people who are in the same position as me to realise that it's possibly. I will never know if i try. It might be ambitious, but you know what, why the hell not! I know there will be people saying that it will never happen and i know that there will be people who will support me. But giving it my all and trying my best is what i will do. Hopefully i will be able to travel more, meet new people and get into situations that i never thought i would be in.

Lets do this!

Tommy :)


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