Stencil Art | Billie Eilish

This stencil of Billie was the most difficult piece i have ever done. Even though i had done this on and off, it took hours of cutting and...well... more cutting.

However, i am so proud and amazed to how well it turned out. I thought that if i put too much detail into the cutting, it would just look silly when i painted it.

5 layers

The reasoning behind this was because at the time, i was at a low point of my life where i quit my job due to stress and mostly due to my life feeling unfulfilled. I was drifting away and then heard a song by Billie called 'when the party is over'. The song and her vibe just really resonated with me and i had to create something, as a switch in my head said that i need to stop feeling sorry for myself and, well essentially take life by the balls. After listening to that song, i researched more into her career. Not only she makes amazing music, but i feel that she sometimes feels like too much is going on at such a small time. Her music blew up and so many people loved her music and maybe she feels pressured as she is so young that there is so much potential for her. This is my thoughts and i could be wrong, but its something i could link to which made me compelled to create something.

I feel that sometimes i become too ambitions and i open my mouth which people expect to see something. I build up this pressure and it makes me feel really down. However, i now know to leave perfection behind and learn from mistakes that i make because perfectionism is whats bringing me down, not the mistakes.

Thank you so much for reading,

Tommy x

Here's a little video of me creating this stencil, i hope you enjoy it!


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