'The World of Tommy'

I feel that it is time to really up my game in terms of work ethic and motivation. My dream is to become an artist and to inspire others with the content i create. At the moment, i am learning everything i can and fitting as much time as possible to be who i want to be.

I have changed the name to 'the world of Tommy' because i feel that my marketing and interaction came across too professional which isn't really me. I am more personal and feel i can be free with what i do and what i post.

What will you see over the next coming month:

YouTube: I will be making some videos which will show my creative process and hope to inspire others to make more art and content. I will be making a ' Film Photography: Creative ideas to explore' series. Which involves many techniques and ideas to help the viewer spark their inspiration.

I will also be creating a 'career break' series, showing what it's like to day to day, doing my hobbies and the pros and cons that come along with it.

Art: At the moment i am really enjoying urban sketching. It makes me just zone out for a few hours and there is something so relaxing about it. Something i have found is that i am too much of a perfectionist. This means i get frustrated very often. Sketching every day is going to allow me to be able to get rid of that feeling and enjoy what i am doing. I would love to practice my skills and hope to live stream everyday! It's my dream to work for myself and a collection of creating content on various platforms appeal to me very much.

Photography: I have so many awesome ideas and projects coming up to do with film photography. I mainly want to create art styled images instead of the point and shoot a model type thing. I don't mind doing it, it's just something i am not looking to do at the moment. I'm hoping to create emotion and pure inspiration instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

So welcome to the world of Tommy! I hope you join the journey with me and thanks for all the support you give. Even just reading this or liking on of my pictures.

Tommy :)


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